Eager to find innovative solutions to accelerate your data-driven marketing success? How about exploring some of DMA’s HOT ZONE startups, who pitched off to a high-powered panel of judges from Facebook, MediaMath, Return Path, Environics Analytics and at &THEN, DMA’s new live marketing event. Launched this year, the HOT ZONE featured disruptive martech and adtech startups, who were all hand-selected for their innovative solutions to data-driven marketplace challenges.

This HOT BITES series gives you focused profiles of some of these innovative solutions that might just provide you with the acceleration you need.

Here’s a look at the final of the five HOT ZONE finalists taken from an interview with Lucy Markowitz, Senior Account Executive at Vistar Media, and her onstage HOT ZONE pitch (video below).

The Elevator Pitch

Vistar Media is a location-based media company specializing in reaching the on-the-go consumer. We have a cross-screen solution that intersects the consumer journey via mobile and digital out-of-home. The connective tissue that brings together mobile and out-of-home is our access to 15 billion data points of location data from cellular carriers that allows us to define the consumer journey and reach consumers at the optimum times and places.

&THEN, The Global Marketing Experience, A DMA Event, October 4-6, 2015, Boston, Massachusetts (Rodney Choice/Choice Photography/, The Global Marketing Experience, A DMA Event, October 4-6, 2015, Boston, Massachusetts (Rodney Choice/Choice Photography/

Filling a Market Gap

Vistar saw that no other company was fully embracing all the mediums that reach a consumer as they move throughout their day. Leveraging a combination of mobile and digital out-of-home allows a brand to reach a consumer through multiple touchpoints in the physical world to keep their company top-of-mind. We also helped create an attribution model for digital out-of-home, partnering with a third-party measurement company that can not only measure exposure to mobile and digital out-of-home, but also track the user to see if they actually go into the store.

Payoff for Customers

Most companies we work with are brick-and-mortar retailers, so increasing traffic in their stores is our key performance indicator (KPI). But we also want to increase other KPIs such as awareness, consideration, and purchase intent. We leverage brand studies such as third-party measurement companies as well as typical engagement metrics such as click-through rates.

Overcoming Misperceptions

Clients are used to working in silos so the combination of more traditional and digital media can be a hurdle for some of them. Vistar works to allow marketers to better understand the benefits of combining these two mediums together providing measurement around mobile, digital out of home as well as the amplified results of using the two together.

How Marketers Need to Think in the Future

Keep the user experience in mind. Make sure you are reaching the right person so they don’t feel like they are being spammed by ads. We are using data to increase efficiency so that people get the right ads.

& here’s more detail from Vistar Media’s HOT ZONE pitch:

Vistar Media’s onstage HOT ZONE pitch, interspersed with their presentation slides.

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