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When Senior Marketing Director Ana Brandt and Chief Data Analyst Compton Mean meet to perform a routine analysis of the latest Q3 campaign results, they encounter something that neither of them had ever experienced before. The raw data, exposed before them in seductive rows of comma delineated fields, was both intimidating – and yet, at the same time, beautiful and brilliant.

A seasoned marketer, Ana was used to dealing with big numbers – teasing them, massaging them, coaxing them gently into yielding their inner data flow. Now, she was startled to find that these new response curves were driving her palm-twitchingly mad. She had a profound need to understand them in a deeper, more satisfying way.

Unable to resist Ana’s alluring, creative, market-dominating lead, Mean was shocked to find himself admitting that he was ready to deviate from the standard regression analysis foreplay. He yearned to unleash his own creative juices – but on his terms of statistical significance.

Shocked – yet thrilled by the KPI’s that Mean had achieved in the past, Angela was still hesitant. For all of his success in deploying catastrophe/bifurcation theory to study how certain subjects suddenly spread rapidly via WOM and social media – Mean was, after all, an analyst tormented by digital demons and consumed by an insatiable need to control data.

Together, they embarked on a daring, passionate, decision-tree spree through the elusive pathways of their brand’s consumer purchase journey. There, they discovered each other’s closely-guarded secrets – and explored their own dark marketing desires.

Exotic, profound – and deeply innovative – 50 Shades of CHAID is one physical affair between marketing and data that will obsess you, possess you – and change your marketing approach forever.

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With all due respect and necessary apologies to pop literature and authentic marketing data analytics professionals everywhere, this light-hearted romp is meant to express the passion that we share for all things data.

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