Good news for all analytic and marketing people!   The term “big data” was included last month in the quarterly online update of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED).   It’s officially and authoritatively:   “Data of a very large size, typically to the extent that its manipulation and management present significant logistical challenges.”

Somehow, that feels like downer on all the hype.  Where are the “v” words typically associated with big data?  (Volume, Velocity, Variety)   Where is the humanity that we all love to see being exposed by the power of big data in our digital lives?    Where is the …well, math?!

Gil Press, a contributor to the Forbes blog and Managing Partner at gPress, a marketing, publishing, research and education consultancy, dug into the details on the history of the term.  Turns out, like in most cases, our current use of big data is preceded by a long history of usage.



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