Imagine a world without statistics and the underlying data that drive them.   Forget about a digital lifestyle and all the conveniences therein.  Forget also about informed public policy.

As in data-driven marketing, the value of statistics is in the responsible use of stats to add context and significance to our lives and society.   This year, we get an extra special chance to celebrate statistics during the International Year of Statistics, supported by more than 2100 organizations worldwide.

There is a lofty goal on the website for these statistics lovers:  “Our hope is that you and your fellow citizens of the world will gain a greater appreciation for the myriad ways statistics improves the quality of your life and greatly advances our global society.”

Download this Statistics 2013 flyer to show your support — and potentially, see stats differently.


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This is the tenth installment of the DMA “See Data Differently” series as part of our newly relaunched National Center for Data-Driven Marketing (NCDM).

Join us at our annual “big data” conference, NCDM: Where Marketing Meets Big Data, and SEE DATA DIFFERENTLY.

The National Center for Data-Driven Marketing program features new keynotes and exceptional speakers.  Join us at NCDM: Where Marketing Meets Big Data. December 9-11, 2013, Las Vegas, NV.

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