As the mobile channel takes the lead in the marketing landscape, are you taking full advantage of new potential paths to purchase?

“With the expansion of the mobile channel, we are seeing a new paradigm for the consumer path to purchase.”  John Busby, Senior Vice President, Consumer Insights for Marchex, delivered this message, and many other insights, during Mobile Marketing Day Thursday afternoon.

Busby discussed how marketers can gain visibility and customer engagement through the smart use of data and analytics in the mobile space, and shared best practices for maximizing returns from mobile marketing.

More and more, mobile traffic is driving offline sales. Offline purchases influenced by online is the fastest growing area in the digital space, and soon will represent the greatest share of spending,” said Busby.  “Today, 60 percent of sales from online marketing are offline.” 

The most common and natural response to a mobile search is a click to call, Busby said, calling it the preferred way to contact a business in a broad range of industries. “By 2015 there will be $4 billion dollars in click to call search,” Busby said.

By employing call analytics for its clients, Marchex has been able to garner a wide range of insights – ranging from serious to frivolous, including:

  • Millennials are the age group most likely to click to call from a mobile ad.
  • Moving up the corporate ladder was the best predictors of calls to buy for a major home services client.
  • For an automotive customer, Marchex identified that 16% of calls were going unanswered.
  • In the travel industry, Marchex was able to determine the biggest factors in deciding whether or not to book a room. (These turned out to whether or not the room had a view, and the quality of the fitness center).

Additionally, Marchex found that conversation analytics can provide new types of consumer insights, such as time spent on hold, how long silence lasts, and how long music is played.

On the lighter side, through analytics, Marchex was even able to determine which states had the most calls from consumers using inappropriate language.  Results showed Ohio as the unruliest state, while Washington topped the list as the most polite.  Busby, a Washington native, had cause to celebrate – and ended by expressing relief that analytics technology was not yet advanced enough to measure passive aggressiveness.

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