Naveen Rajdev, Chief Marketing Officer for Wipro, opened his keynote at &THEN 2017 with a short story. His son’s school investment club was inviting people from the business community, mostly the club’s parents, to impart wisdom and business expertise. With his work leading marketing strategy for a global technology company, Rajdev offered to come speak to the group.

Rajdev’s son was less than enthused. “Dad, everybody knows what a CEO does, but nobody knows what a CMO does.”

In his keynote, Rajdev took a hard look at the role of a CMO, and its dominion over customer experience, product, communications, technology and channels.

But Rajdev adds another layer on the CMO’s role. “It was all about business model innovation,” he said. “It was not about how we made our $8 billion currently. It’s about how we make our next $8 billion.”

If a CMO is not looking forward, and playing a role in directing business strategy, then the disruptive nature of the modern digital economy can wipe the company out. “A customer who is sitting there unsatisfied with your product can go ahead and completely disrupt you,” said Rajdev. “He or she has all the tools to consolidate the market and take that buy away from you.”

What is Rajdev’s solution to this challenge? View Rajdev’s keynote from &THEN 2017 below to hear how he is tackling the growth, differentiation and business model innovation challenges he is facing at Wipro:

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