For IMW2013 attendees, last week was dedicated to tackling the toughest challenges facing today’s integrated marketers. From the keynotes to the White Paper Lives to the excitement on the Exhibit Hall floor, there was no shortage of expertise, stimulating discussion, or points of view.

We closed out the week with a keynote panel presentation that looked at the future of the industry. A panel of visionaries — including moderator Ginger Conlon, editor-in-chief of Direct Marketing News; and panelists Brian Fetherstonhaugh, chairman and CEO of OgilvyOne Worldwide and Jon Steinberg, president and COO of Buzzfeed, took the stage to share their thoughts on where things are going.

Here are just a few of many notable takeaways:

Ginger Conlon: “What do you see that can be game-changing for marketers in the future?”

  • Brian Fetherstonhaugh: “The future of marketing is the marriage between intent and content.  It defines what we do.”
  • Jon Steinberg:  “The acceleration of social and mobile traffic is becoming one megatrend instead of two separate trends — and it’s happening so quickly. Eighteen months ago, we were getting 20 percent of our traffic from mobile. Now, we’re getting more than 50 percent of traffic from mobile, and social represents 70 percent of traffic. So, you have to have your eyes open!”

GC: How do you balance the day to day progress while keeping your eye on the future so you don’t miss out?

  • BF: You need a vision. You need pragmatism to get from today to your vision. BUT – don’t forget you need to make your numbers so your bosses won’t kill you.
  • JF:  Think innovative when you are home in evening, walking the dog – come to conclusions, focus in your head, marinate and then each day come in and focus on being rigorous and getting things done.

GC: What will it be like in 2018?

  • BF:  Half of us will have electric vehicles!   10% of the audience will have artificial body parts
  • JF:  It is really hard to predict five years – but Brian was right! I do think that within the next three years 25% of the audience will be wearing Google glasses!

What do YOU think it will be like in 2018?  Look in your crystal ball and let us know!

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