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It’s no surprise that Twitter has been lighting up in the DMA13-related hashtags with content and sharing from attendees, speakers, and vendors alike.  To show how much people enjoyed this year’s ECHOTW Awards Gala, we’re bringing you hot-off-the-press Tweets.  Want to see more of what people are saying?  Check out #DMA13 and #2013echoawards for more!

rakhshin patel‏@rakhshin   Can someone send me the link of winners of the #DMA13 #echoaward winners in Chicago tinight?

Nancy Harhut‏@nharhut   Congrats to New Zealand’s Tip Top – Diamond Echo Award winner #dma13 Colenzo BBDO Proximity NZ

Hanne Van Briel‏@hanne_van_briel   Let’s enjoy dinner #2013echoawards #DMA13 #selligent

Nancy Harhut‏@nharhut   Let the International Echo Awards begin! @wilde_agency is taking home two statues tonight #dma13

Selligent‏@selligent   #DMA13 #comedy show at Echo Awards ceremony.

Tom Goosmann ‏@tomeegee  #2013ECHOawards Looking forward to hearing how our program for #ASPCA did this year.

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