DMA in Denver: Third Regional Roundtable a Success

Laura Gigliotti_HeadshotOn Thursday, April 28th, DMA headed west to Denver, Colorado for the third installment of our wildly popular Community Regional Roundtables.

These half-day events are designed to bring learning and networking opportunities to DMA members across the nation. Speakers from a variety of verticals present their marketing case studies, share tips and tricks of the trade, and offer insight into what makes a campaign successful. Each event also has a special roundtable component, where members speak openly about their marketing pain points and how DMA can help solve those challenges.

After successful events in Columbus, Ohio and Atlanta, Georgia, we knew it was time to head west. And Denver was calling…

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Aligning the Customer Journey at Comcast Business
To kick us off, Robert Ward of Comcast Business offered insights into how the company establishes effective Customer Relationship Marketing campaigns. He explained the difference between Customer-Focused companies and Customer-Centric companies, noting that the former are merely focused on scratching a customer itch while driving greater margin. In Customer-Centric organizations, by contrast, customer inputs define how the company interacts with customers at every level. The takeaway? Companies should strive to be Customer-Centric whenever possible.

Rob also spoke in depth about three types of customer journeys, and why choosing the right one to meet your company’s specific goals is so critical.

Three Types of Customer Journeys:

  1. User Experience – Focused on understanding how users interact with software, websites and applications. Measuring techniques including clicks, sorting, web testing and usability. If this is the path for you, be sure to streamline your website or application user experience as much as possible.
  2. Marketing Automation/Sales Journey – Track the multiple potential communications channels and measure how many different areas of the company are involved. If this is the path for you, be sure to optimize the customer experience through your marketing to maximize sales.
  3. Customer Experience Journey Map – Customer experience maps document the entire customer journey, including: awareness, sales, deliverability and service. If this is the path for you, focus on improving the customers’ perceived experience and the organization’s deliverability of that experience.

While the process of defining your customer journey is incredibly important, companies also need to create alignment by marrying the marketing lifecycle with the customer journey. How’d Comcast Business accomplish this? Through language and content, Rob explained. You have to speak the customer language, and reconfigure your content to meet customer goals and needs.TwitterLogo_#55acee
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Shifting to the Best Customer: A Merial Case Study
The Customer Relationship Marketing theme was woven throughout our next presentation, as well, which featured Matt Garrett, EVP of Strategy & Implementation at rDialogue. Matt discussed a new customer engagement approach for long-time client Merial – the largest animal pharmaceutical company in the world, behind leading products in flea/tick and heartworm prevention like FRONTLINE and HEARTGARD. Merial’s clients are mostly veterinary clinics, and that is where the company focuses its marketing efforts.

Building on a presentation he had done for us earlier in the year, Matt spoke about Merial PREMIER – a data-driven strategy for growing and protecting Merial’s best customers. He explained that Merial PREMIER is a “thank you” for past business and partnership – a VIP treatment that conveys to members that they are valued. It’s also an investment in the future success of member practices, providing support and solutions to grow their own practice profits.

Only about 10% of Merial customers are in this elite group, and that’s how they’d like it to stay. “Merial PREMIER is not about products, brands, or pharmacy…it’s about the success of the veterinary clinic and the people…. It’s a true business partnership,” explained Matt.

The program is invitation-only, and includes perks like thank-you dinners and clinic events, exclusive discounts on medical equipment, access to Merial pilot programs, and ongoing information and education. Even better is the fact that the program has been structured in a way that keeps it evolving and effective as a business tool. The program is flexible in the execution so it feels custom to the clinic, and it also provides an immediate opportunity for the clinic to feel unique and separate from others in the space.

Triggering the Unconscious Mind for Unthinkable ROI
Behavioral marketing expert Jeanette McMurtry closed out the day with a powerful presentation focused on the psychology of marketing. “Believe it or not, the conscious mind only drives 10% of our thoughts, while the unconscious mind drives the other 90%.TwitterLogo_#55acee Marketers must understand human behavior and psychological principles in order to capture attention, sales, and lifetime value,” she told us.

Jeanette spoke in depth about human behavior, and how everything we do is based on two emotional premises: pleasure vs. pain. In any situation, our ultimate goal is to seek out pleasure and avoid pain. Smart marketers know this, and create campaigns that address pain and pleasure points in a person’s life. A successful campaign ties a product or service to something pleasurable – love, relationships, or something else that makes a positive difference in the world. An advertisement that strikes an emotional chord will have far greater impact than one that avoids emotion entirely. This is key when trying to reach customers in the most effective ways.

A big thank you to our event sponsor, rDialogue, our host, Return Path, and all of our speakers and attendees for making this Roundtable event such a success!

Will we see you at the next one? Check out our calendar of upcoming events and register today!