Richard Rosen is President and CEO of ROSEN, a convergence marketing firm that helps purpose driven companies develop self-sustaining campaigns so they can do more good with less. Here, Richard highlights some of the key topics he’ll discuss during his session at our upcoming Integrated Marketing Week  event in New York City.  Register here to meet Richard and our other speakers and sponsors.

 We are in the midst of a major change.  Consumers are becoming more aware and sensitive to the impact of their purchasing decisions.  And they want to see their dollars do some good.  BBMG has found that a whopping 73% of consumers care about the company, not just the product, when making a purchasing decision.

Over the last decade or so, there have been many examples of companies who have addressed consumer’s needs in a genuine and empathetic way, but instead many have preferred the window dressing approach to make a quick buck.  Their efforts have ultimately done more to confuse customers than to build long-term relationships.   Corporate scandals, lackluster CSR initiatives, and greenwashing, have put today’s consumer in a distrustful default state.  Whether it’s through their own efforts or through the social media grapevine, consumers can quickly determine if your brand’s behavior aligns with their values. As marketers, it’s not enough anymore to tell consumers that our companies and products are good.  We have to prove it.

Benefit Corporations (B Corps) are successfully addressing the needs of this new consumer.  These companies voluntarily uphold performance and legal requirements by balancing the triple bottom line – people, planet, and profit.  By taking a stand for genuine values, B Corps are engaging consumers as partners in creating a brighter future.  And consumers are responding enthusiastically.

Intrigued by this topic? Be sure to join Richard for his session “Engagement with a Purpose – the Power of B Corporations” on Tuesday, June 3 from 3:40-4:10pm at Integrated Marketing Week for more!