With email remaining the marketing channel with the highest ROI and one of the largest drivers of revenue for marketers, there can be pressure to overload customers with emails. Here’s how one of the top email marketers in the industry keeps her lists well-performing and highly effective.

At the 2017 Email Evolution Conference this week, Genevieve Longtin, Director of Email Marketing and Engagement for Sharecare, was awarded The Stefan Pollard Email Marketer of the Year Award. “Genevieve was chosen for her innovation and resourcefulness in doing more with less and driving revenue and engagement through her work,” said Shanon Strahl of Shaw + Scott & Chair of eec Awards Subcommittee.

Longtin manages email and engagement programs for multiple brands at Sharecare, serving over a billion emails per year. With such a high volume, Longtin works constantly to ensure a reasonable volume of messages. We talked to Longtin about why she is passionate about email and how she maintains relevance and fights over-saturation of her audience’s inboxes.

Why are you excited about the future of email marketing?

Data convergence has made email more powerful than it has been at any other point in the history of our industry. With user data coming in from all channels – email, social, push, SMS, behavioral, retargeting, etc. – we have a wealth of data at our disposal to make better, faster, more informed decisions about everything from email targeting to content delivery.

In your view, what feature makes email such an essential part of the marketing mix?

Email is the ORIGINAL social media. We’ve used this as a primary communication tool since the 1990s, developing a depth of knowledge about our consumers that has the experience of decades, unmatched by any other channel.

Despite the many claims of email’s demise over the years, email continues to thrive cross demographics, verticals, and even countries, becoming a richer, more robust tool with every passing year. While social platforms have risen and fallen, email continues to provide the highest ROI, making it an unmatched powerhouse in the marketing mix.

What steps does your business take to counter “email fatigue” in consumers? Do you believe this impacts consumer behavior in email or other channels?

Sharecare manages our email deployments by volume per week, by topic, and by email product in order to both shape the user experience and to avoid both quantity and topic fatigue we see develop if not handled with care. When we’ve over-saturated on any of those accounts, we see a measurable decline in user engagement.

Today, content is being consumed on a number of connected devices. What role does email play in identifying consumers across their connected devices?

Like data we get from other channels – app downloads, web page consumption, etc. – the data we receive from email consumption gets added to the user record, and can give us a clearer understanding of when, how, and now often our media is being consumed. In turn, this helps dictate what platforms are of primary concern when QA-ing email rendering.

What led you to join eec, and how does eec help you grow your business and drive effective email marketing?

The eec provides email professionals with a dedicated organization focused solely on the science and art of email. Rather than having email as only a portion of a larger marketing community, the eec allows singular focus on email – from deliverability to rendering, technology to legal implications. This makes the eec a singular source for email professionals unmatched by any other professional organization.

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