Google’s Joelle Tramel Explains How to Harness the ZERO Moment of Truth.  

joelle keaneAs Joelle Tramel explains it, advances in data technology have changed our understanding of that traditional First Moment of Truth model (Stimulus/Store/Purchase/Repeat).

“We now know that there is actually a ZERO moment of truth,” explained Tramel, Google’s Global Insights Strategy Lead, as she addressed students at the Miami Ad School.  “This is something we can tell through searches – what people actually care about. Queries back in the day used to be only one or two words.  Now we see on average about seven words in a query.  People now know [much more] specifically what they want and what they are looking for, even before they interact with the service or buy something.”

This new model, Tramel says, means brands now have the ability to examine more closely how consumers think about them and engage with them – and gain more insight than ever before.

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More on Joelle Tramel

Joelle Tramel manages Google’s global strategy on Consumer Insights. Throughout her career she has worked with creative agencies, media agencies, top global brands, and small businesses. She has successfully helped customers innovate with technology, build their digital business, and practice agile planning.

More on the “Turning the Tables” Webinar 

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