Jeremy-t-150x150How do you communicate analytics results in a way that captures the attention of your company’s c-suite and inspires change?

*  As simply as possible;
*  With as many pictures as possible; and
*  With a clear connection to the business problem that we’re trying to solve.

That’s what Jeremy TerBush, VP of Global Analytics, RCI/Wyndham Exchange, had to say in a recent interview about the analytics skills gap.

When asked what cultural changes are essential for analytics thinking to take hold in an organization, leadership support was top of mind:  

“Leadership support for analytics is very helpful to drive analytical thinking into all areas of the business. This can be one senior leader who is the advocate and chief analytics sales officer for the organization, or it can be leadership agreement that analytics needs to be included in the overall strategy of the company.”

“When you have this leadership support,” TerBush said, “you get a seat at the table when difficult decisions are made, and openness for analytical thinking spreads throughout the organization.”

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More on Jeremy TerBush

Jeremy TerBush is Vice President of Global Analytics for Wyndham Exchange and Rentals (WER), a subsidiary of Wyndham Worldwide Corporation. The Analytics team develops and supports analytical products which are used throughout the WER business units. Jeremy joined WER in 2002. During his career at Wyndham he has held a variety of roles within Revenue Management, IT and Analytics. He has led teams in the areas of Operations Research, Business Intelligence, Operations, and Analytics.

More on the “Turning the Tables” Webinar 

As a proud partner in the 3rd annual Data Innovation Day, DMA’s Data-Driven Marketing Institute will host Turning the Tables: The Age of Data-Driven Consumerism, a free virtual event celebrating data-driven marketing innovation.  On Thursday, January 22, five dynamic data-driven experts will bring fresh insight on the latest data-driven innovations and what they will mean for your organization.  Each business day from now until the day of the conference, we’ll shine a spotlight on one insightful speaker.  

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