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You can hear it, but you can’t see it. Watch how Shackleton’s paranormal phenom drive Sony sales.

Ghostbusters was back on our cinema screens after 20 years, and we had to devise a special action to promote the release. The challenge? To create and develop a campaign that could communicate the release of the new film and at the same time attract the attention of both the fans of the first sagas, as well as a new generation.

All aboard the ghost train


The first country with its own phone number – the Swedish Number, rings up tourist sales.

The Swedish Tourist Association (est. 1885), a member’s organisation dedicated to promoting domestic tourism in Sweden, was on the brink of collapse in 2015. Memberships had plummeted 20% (60k people) and was projected to lose a further 10k in 2016. With no media budget and ambitious goals, we needed to 1) Punch above our weight with PR, 2) Engage a younger audience and 3) Slow the membership decline by 25% to achieve revenue of EUR4,800,000

give sweden a call


Colenso BBDO and DB Exports convert beer bottles to sand and soak up the profits.

DB Export is a mainstream beer brand sold in New Zealand. DB breweries has had a long and proud history of quenching the thirsts of Kiwis aged between 18 and 50. But mainstream beer consumption is in decline. Our objective was to bring drinkers back to DB Export.

take a long walk on the beach


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