To understand how email marketing is changing and to identify opportunities for brands, Litmus surveyed more than 3,500 marketers worldwide. Chad White, Litmus’ Research Director and the author of “Email Marketing Rules,” as shared the most interesting and actionable insights from the State of Email Survey Research Series at the 2018 Email Evolution Conference.

White focused on a number of things an email marketer can do as they prepare an email for their audience. One important item is an Email Brief, a document that details the goal, audience, measurement of success for an email before you start.

18.5% of marketers use an email brief on every single email. 35% use them only occasionally and 45% never use them at all. However, successful programs are more than twice as likely to pull together email briefs every time.

Here are a few questions to ask in developing an email brief:

  • Who should receive this message?
  • What action will they be taking?
  • Why will they take that action?
  • When should they receive that message?
  • Where are they likely to read?
  • How will you measure success?
  • Is this email part of a series of messages of a subscriber customer journey?
  • Do you have supplemental material that’s important to answering the other questions?

Another tool White highlighted is a Pre-Send Checklist. While 28% of marketers never use a checklist, successful programs are more than twice as likely to use a pre-send checklist, which should be run down before a marketer hits send on an email.

Here are some examples of items that could be listed on a checklist:

  • Envelope content
  • Preheader text
  • Rendering
  • Images (including retina optimization)
  • ALT text (including styling)
  • Check links
  • Link tracking
  • Other tracking embeds
  • Dynamic content
  • Plaint text version
  • Compliance requirements

A successful program checks every single email 61% of the time, whereas less successful programs check every single email 52% of the time.

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