Lessons from the “Social Media Meets Housefile” session at today’s DMA Nonprofit Federation NY Conference are applicable to every marketing and fundraising organization.  Glen Beasley, Director Marketing and Michael Jaquez, Director, Websites and Online Marketing  for the Arbor Day Foundation provided a great case study.

In any interactivity with a donor, they said, it’s important to have a ‘two way’ conversation with that person.  You need to give them an outlet to speak and interact with you.  It can’t be all broadcast.

Marketers need to listen as well as give information. Arbor Day Foundation shared their three “pillars of importance:” Authenticity, Transparency and Relevancy.

  1. Authenticity: Be Sincere. Use every day language. Don’t hide anything about your company and your offerings.
  2. Transparency: Be sure to be honest and admit to mistakes if they happen – but fix quickly.
  3. Relevancy: It’s not only about what you offer, it’s what the donor (customer) needs.

Tweeting is a great way to expand your base in the social networking world, they said in the session.    Their top retweeted posts actually say “Re-Tweet This” – or on Facebook “Please Share”.  People actually do.

They also emphasized the need to tie all social marketing back to the organizations’s mission.  For nonprofits especially, tweeting or Facebooking about your organization’s Mission is an important messaging point.


DMA Membership Director Andrew Somer contributed to this blog post.


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