How much pressure do marketers feel to become more data-driven? What can marketers do to become more effective and, in turn, increase their ROI?  How  What will be the big marketing trends to watch for in 2014?

Direct Marketing News asked these probing questions at their booth at DMA2013 in Chicago this year to big names such as David Lowndes, director of product marketing at Iron Mountain; Lisa Arthur, CMO of Teradata; and Bruce Biegel, senior managing partner at Winterberry Group.

Ginger Conlon, editor-in-chief of Direct Marketing News, also spoke at a keynote on Tuesday morning.  We’re so glad to have her and all of the DMN staff in attendance contributing to the conversation about data.  Big things happen when big minds get together in big places, and DMA’s Annual Conference is the biggest gathering of data-driven marketers out there.

Click through to see the videos that DMN created:

Live from DMA2013: A Chat With Iron Mountain on Marketing Effectiveness

Live from DMA2013: It’s All About Data-Driven Marketing

Live from DMA2013: Winterberry Group’s 2014 Forecast

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