Marketing analytics is so powerful, that it is incumbent on each of us to advocate for the widespread and optimized use of it in our marketing organizations.  This was the theme of the opening keynote panel at the pre-conference workshops for NCDM13: Where Marketing Meets Bit Data.

While they came from different perspectives in the industry, our three panelists had some good advice on how to make marketing analytics core to your business operations:

George Corugedo, CTO, RedPoint (with the CRM/campaign management/statistic viewpoint):  Think big, start small, scale fast.  Do a project that will show early results, get some attention and build momentum for future investment.   You must ask the right questions of the data, and when you do, you will see significant impact on the business.  With modern technology, you can store everything, but also question everything – don’t ever settle on what has worked in the past.

G.B. Heidarsson, CEO, eDataSource (with the customer intelligence viewpoint):  Take good care of your customers.  Delight and surprise them so that they move from just being aware of you to being loyal to you.  Increasing audience size doesn’t have to be hard – for example, just asking for email addresses can increase your list size several times over.

Judy Macior, VP Compliance, Experian (with the data stewardship viewpoint):  Marketing analytics people are more in demand than ever before, but the most successful of them take a collaborative approach with legal, privacy, sales, IT and other business units.  That collaboration and cooperative approach is not just “nice to have” (as in the past) but an imperative for success.  Data governance is key to a successful marketing analytics organization and you will (or should ) find willing partners among your compliance and legal teams.

Panelists from left:  Judy Macior, Experian; GB Heidarsson, eDataSource and George Corugedo, Redpoint.
Moderator: Stephanie Miller of DMA at podium.



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