There is no question automation is going to transform the world economy and the future of work with the same magnitude that the Industrial Revolution did two centuries ago. What’s less clear is what it will mean practically for industries, like marketing, and even more so, what it will mean for how employees interact with technology as colleagues or even bosses.

Take, for example, Havas Media, who has been using an artificial intelligence solution developed by Equals 3 named “Lucy,” which incorporates 10 Watson APIs to solve traditional pain points tied to marketing research, planning and segmentation. This new system has improved media-buying efficiency and effectiveness, according to a report from AdExchanger. Along with Soylent’s new AI spokesperson and Coke’s AI-generated ads, automation is beginning to move into the creative and content realm as well, with one brand even replacing their agency entirely with AI.

To wrestle with this critical topic, DMA and eec have brought to the 2017 Email Evolution Conference a thought-provoking leader who works on the cutting edge of technological innovation to lead a discussion on this topic with our members. In his role as CEO of the Tesla Foundation, Keith Kaplan tackles these issues of AI and automation on a daily basis. Tesla Foundation focuses on exactly what artificial intelligence means for the future and how we can make a smooth transition from the “Information Age” to the “Autonomous Age.” In an era when everyone from accountants to journalists to truck drivers are facing obsolescence in the face of AI that can replace their labor, Tesla Foundation focuses on helping powerful technologies make life better for everyone.

Targeting New Technological Solutions

Tesla Foundation has already embarked on a number of initiatives to apply Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and data-driven solutions to a variety of problems and opportunities. The nonprofit group has worked with some of the biggest and most powerful companies in the world, including several government agencies such as the Federal Aviation Administration, the City of Los Angeles and NASA.

“We are progressing from factory-based physical systems to virtual systems,” observed Kaplan. “We are experiencing a mass migration of the workforce, very similar to what we experienced in the second stage of the industrial revolution, which went from farms to the factory.”

Helping Companies and Clients Embrace Transformative Tech

Kaplan himself is no stranger to digital marketing. Having held an executive position at a top digital agency that boasted clients such as Lexus, American Idol, eBay, Starwood Hotels and Yahoo, he knows how digital marketing works.

In his keynote address to the 2017 Email Evolution Conference (May 1-3 in New Orleans), Kaplan will discuss how Tesla’s solutions have helped both government agencies and companies achieve their goals. Not shy of high-tech solutions, Tesla has helped many large and conservative companies see past the horizon to embrace new technological solutions despite their initial trepidations.

Sound familiar? Any marketer knows what it’s like to deal with a client who has a clear goal but is also afraid of the technology that will get them there. Join Kaplan to discuss the challenges and opportunities of introducing new technology to an audience that does not and cannot understand that tech. Plus we’ll have plenty of time to talk about what all of this technology means for the future of marketing and media itself.

He will kick off Tuesday’s program, and dozens of other speakers will expand on the themes of artificial intelligence, bringing new technologies to clients and driving marketing efforts with automated systems.

To hear firsthand from Kaplan and connect with hundreds of email marketing specialists and digital tech experts, join DMA’s Email Experience Council in New Orleans, May 1-3.

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