In this guest post by DMA Nonprofit Federation member Roger Craver, co-editor of The Agitator online magazine, we seek feedback from nonprofit fundraisers and marketers about the challenges to growth in our dynamic, data-driven world.  This commentary originally appeared in the The Agitator.

roger craverIf measured by the number of organizations, the nonprofit sector is growing quickly in the US. Up a whopping 47% over the past decade.

But, if measured by the share of national income representing private giving to nonprofits, there’s been a decrease of 11%.

A smaller pie and more mouths to feed is a recipe for disaster. Yet, status quo thinking tends to dominate. There’s no question that the growth curve can be bent, but only with a willingness to do business in a much different manner.

That’s why the upcoming DMA Nonprofit Leadership Summit to be held May 6-8 on Kiawah Island, South Carolina couldn’t come at a more appropriate time or with a more appropriate title – “Overcoming Barriers to Growth”.

As the conference nears, I plan to do a post on ‘Barriers to Growth’ outlining some status-quo-busting growth recommendations from various experts, and I will also later report back to Agitator readers on key conference findings.  I’d like to hear your challenges and ideas in the comments section below.

This is not your usual DMA conference. The format will be highly interactive.  Attendees will be placed into small groups to analyze case studies, exchange ideas and develop solutions for combating current challenges. Moderators will facilitate the sharing of experiences and document key learnings and ideas.

Please check out the conference website and consider joining us.  Please note, this is for nonprofit executives only, no commercial marketers, please.

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