Agency masterminds Nathan J. Iverson, EVP Design Director at Deutsch and Jason Kodish, Global Chief Data Scientist at DigitasLBi bring insightful discussion around “The Science of Creativity” to &THEN16

This Special Edition of Content Continuum is brought to you by the Marketing Analytics Conference. Find top-to- bottom strategies for data-driven marketing at MAC. June 5-6, 2017 | Austin, TX


Forget the chicken and the egg, when it comes to impactful campaigns, what comes first?

Does the insight kick off the creative? Or is it just there to support the idea? What role should these forces play in your campaign?

Watch this short clip and learn what should come first.


Should all marketers be well-versed in the languages of data, creative and everything in-between?

As marketing changes, so should the people who make it. The age-old duo of the copywriter and the art director isn’t the same as it used to be.

Watch this short clip and see how today’s optimal teams are made


Do you really need a 360 degree VR chatbot strategy?

Technology is moving faster than ever before, but with customer success in mind, how do you keep ahead of the hype?

See how to handle the intersection of marketing and tech.

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