&THEN Preview Creative v1-01Welcome to &THEN Preview, an inside look at LA and its booming adtech and martech scene that awaits you at &THEN in Los Angeles, October 16-18.

Los Angeles has become the epicenter of media, pop culture and a booming tech scene, offering a unique opportunity for today’s marketers to capture the city’s booming energy and creative spirit at &THEN this October.

As part of our ongoing series of conversations with marketing’s top leaders, we had the opportunity to briefly chat with Seth Radwell, President and Chief Revenue Officer for Guthy-Renker and a member of DMA’s Board of Directors. As someone who regularly hops from his company’s Santa Monica, CA (LA metro area) offices to its various locations across the globe, he weighed in on how Los Angeles is bringing a unique spark to Guthy-Renker’s success.

Guthy-Renker is a global company. What does the company get from having a principal office in the LA area?

LA and especially the Silicon Beach area is a very dynamic intersection of media, digital technology and entertainment. Our location in this area allows us to collaborate some of the leading players in these industries.

Do you feel LA marketers are bringing a different perspective than others around the world? How does LA’s deep history in film and television influence martech and adtech firms based there?

Yes, since we are tied into the media film, TV and music industries, I think celebrity spokespeople and influencers are a key element of our marketing.

In what aspects of marketing and advertising is LA leading the marketing industry?

In working with digital formats and combining TV and digital advertising.

Known for moving, award-winning productions and marketing campaigns featuring some of today’s leading celebrities, Guthy-Renker has been credited with transforming the broadcast direct marketing industry. What’s emerging for celebrity engagement in marketing?

It’s all about authenticity. Not only do all of our celebrity spokespeople USE our products, but they are enthusiastic endorsers. Recent examples are Oliva Munn and her long sweeping praise of Proactiv’s makeup cleansing wipes or Sarah Michelle Geller and the Repairing Concealer.

What’s the next generation of broadcast marketing and advertising?

Well it’s all about working across channels, some mature channels with good reliable metrics, many new channels with less developed measurement models.

What advice would you offer marketers when it comes to product placement today and the myriad platforms and services across which to place?

Follow your customers and experiment.

Attribution. A four syllable word that stumps everyone. What are the bright spots and what’s still cloudy when it comes to attribution?

There is no question that given the media consumption changes and cross-channel behavior, Attribution is a challenge that will not be solved soon. But we are seeing better tools and more intelligence models that can lead to better decisions. In the old days you could count the orders that came from a specific airing based on TFN; today it’s about fractional order allocation and experimenting with different channel mixes.

As you consider the LA tech scene in the coming year, what excites you?

I feel like we are at the center of the new frontier of direct marketing.

As a member of the DMA Board, what would you like the martech and adtech industries to know about &THEN LA and why they should attend?

&THEN LA will be a great chance to embrace these exciting developments and meet key players who are wrestling with and solving today’s key marketing problems.

Seth D. Radwell is the President & Chief Revenue Officer of Guthy-Renker, the worldwide leading direct-to-consumer beauty company, and a member of DMA’s Board of Directors. Since joining G|R in 2010, he has led the transition of the company from its traditional focus on TV direct response to a much broader marketing footprint in the ecommerce space. Today, G|R is a world-class multi-channel marketer with newly developed competencies in digital, mobile, and social marketing which complement its broadcast channel prowess.