Have you heard? Word-of-mouth advertising is a marketers most powerful tool when it comes to spreading the word about, well, anything! In fact, according to the Global Trust in Advertising survey put forth by Nielson, 92% of respondents claim they trust recommendations from people they know, as opposed to only 29% who trust the text ads they receive on mobile devices.

But how does one go about generating all that word-of-mouth buzz? At Integrated Marketing Week earlier this month, Carrie Layne, Founder & CEO of BestBuzz, offered up some food for thought in a presentation titled The New B2C is Brick-to-Click: Marketing Campaigns that Buzz. Not only did she address the ways in which marketers can launch a fully-integrated campaign in less than 10 minutes (review the case studies, analytics, and data here!), she spoke about the technologies that make it easy (and fun!) for individuals to promote your brand online.

One such technology? The BestBuzz Image Recognition tool , which we used to help promote IMW. The tool allowed attendees to scan the cover of Seth Godin’s newest book, V is for Vulnerable, to launch a mobile and social integrated experience. BestBuzz was all over the action, and they have some pretty sweet stats to report: visit their blog to read up on  how the IMW campaign went viral and how you, too, can create marketing campaigns that buzz.

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