Food For The Poor’s “Where Does Jesus Live” campaign is an omni-channel fundraising appeal. It utilized a quadruple match offered by in-country partners and friends of Food For The Poor toward building houses in Nicaragua, Honduras and Jamaica.


The primary objective for the campaign was to inspire donors to give by taking advantage of a quadruple match toward building homes, and integrate the match into an omni- channel marketing campaign designed to produce one cohesive message. The campaign focused on the extreme need for housing in countries like Nicaragua, Honduras and Jamaica where the match was offered, and highlighted two stories.


The strength of the Food For The Poor brand lies in its emotive story-telling power. By leveraging this key brand attribute with a collaborative and integrated effort across its internal fundraising departments, Food For The Poor was able to develop a visually compelling multichannel campaign that that supported its Donor Relations Department’s objectives.

The main campaign was sent to four groups of select donors with specific giving histories:

  • Development Advisors (DA):Giving level $3,201 and up
  • Senior Campaign Advisors (SCA): Giving level $600 to $3,200
  • Campaign Advisors (CA1): Giving level $100 to $599
  • Campaign Advisors (CA2): Giving level Under $100

The first challenge of the campaign was to create a direct mail appeal that would be so compelling visually that it would intrigue and inspire the donor to open the mailer. This was handled by mailing the appeal in an easily identifiable envelope which had a picture of the actual front wall of the Honduran home with its wooden cross viewable through a die cut window. The strategy was to have the piece stand out in all of the mail the donor potentially received, also enabling the pre-mail callers to easily point out the description of the appeal that would soon come. The package for all donors had a substantial feel to it because of the unfolding carrier which answered the question of “Where Jesus Lives” and tied into the spiritual content. The carrier contained the brochure with the story and other materials inside. SA and DA donors received a carrier with a rough texture treatment on the cover, while CA donors received a soft-touch treatment in a smaller mailer.


The next part of the strategic approach was to evoke an emotive response, triggering and inspiring donors to give a gift. This was handled through strong visuals and unique storytelling with a spiritual edge. An emotive video tying in the campaign with actual audio prayers of the recipients of the donations was linked via a QR code and unique URL for tracking.


  • The target goal of raising at least $5 million was exceeded. In addition, there was a 32.3% lift in gross revenue from the campaign mailing over prior year results – and a 40.3% lift in the number of gifts received. There was a 37.4% lift in online giving.
  • The direct mail effort produced a net average gift per donor of $818.77.
  • An additional $1,328,132.20 was raised though friendly URL’s, QR Code, Food For The Poor Website and Email Blasts. A total of 2,540 gifts were received with an average of $522.89 per donor.

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