Check out these two quick videos to find out what DMA is doing for you, your business and the industry.  We’d love your feedback!

Thanks to Jim Ducharme of GetResponse who posted nearly a dozen online interviews from our Email Evolution Conference in Miami Beach in February.

Matt Blumberg

Matt Blumberg, CEO of ReturnPath and Chairman of the Board with the DMA and the perfect guy to ask what are the biggest challenge is in 2013 for email marketers. Funny I should say “biggest” because as it turns out, Matt wanted to talk about something you’ve likely been hearing a lot about lately, “big data.”

Stephanie Miller

Stephanie Miller, VP of Member Relations DMA, is simply an amazing person. She loves email marketing and is devoted to helping email marketers navigate the rapids of legislation and succeed. The Email Experience Council (part of the DMA) has a lot to offer you if you are an email marketer. In this video, Stephanie lays out what’s in it for you and why you should be involved with the EEC too.

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