If you want to climb the ladder of marketing success, the key is moving out of the specialized hole (role) you may find yourself in today. Marketing long has been multichannel, but to grow and thrive you’ve got to think omnichannel. It’s not just a practice, it’s also a mindset.

As the only trade association representing the entire marketing ecosystem, DMA has the privilege to see firsthand the amazing benefit marketers get from a true omnichannel marketing strategy. Executing disparate offers across multiple channels is not omnichannel. Storing data in silos is not omnichannel. Until you think the way your customer thinks and you provide cohesive offers conveying a cohesive brand image using all of the data at your disposal you are not omnichannel.

According to Adweek, social media marketing budgets will double in the next 5 years. On average we spend 4.4 hours in front of screens. 70% of all mobile searches lead to action within an hour. According to eMarketer, next year in the United States programmatic will account for 2/3 of all digital display ad spending, or more than $21 billion. The Era of Cognitive Commerce has Begun says Deepak Advani, General Manager for IBM Commerce. According to the DMA/Winterberry Quarterly Business Reviews, data and training a skilled staff remains their key challenges for 2016. Have you decided to upskill yet? Now may be just the right time.

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When choosing a continuing education program to advance your career you need to be selective in the organization, the instructor and the content. I always found that the difference between a good and a great course in college were those taught by professors who didn’t just talk the talk, but walked the walk. Those who had real-world experience in the field brought great case studies to the learning experience. That is why DMA Education is bringing new instructors and new course offerings to our catalog of marketing education in conjunction with New Marketing Institute (NMI). NMI will be teaching and hosting the newest offering from DMA/NMI Masterclass: Digital, Programmatic & Omnichannel Marketing.

More and more customers are engaging with brands across multiple devices, multiple channels and multiple platforms. Video engagement on Snapchat on a phone is completely different than a digital ad in Facebook on a laptop. The newest DMA course offering covers an introduction to digital marketing, a 101 version of programmatic and then an omnichannel view of social, video and mobile.

To deliver results, you need to be where the customer is and meet their expectations. Speed and relevance are those expectations. We know this course is relevant in today’s marketing world, so kick it into gear and learn more here.

P.S. The location of the classroom at 4 World Trade Center has a stunning view!