It’s been said that if your business isn’t doing Social Media outreach, your organization won’t exist in 5 years. This was said about 5 years ago. A little polemic, perhaps even today, but social media is now viewed as a necessary component of any organization’s marketing program.

Murray Izenwasser, Marketing Practice Lead, Biztegra, from the 2014 Statistical Fact Book, “Chapter 9: Social Media”

As Murray Izenwasser makes clear in his introduction to the 2014 Statistical Fact Book’s chapter on social media, an organization that is not using social media in its marketing program is putting itself in jeopardy.  Every year, more and more people become social media users, and marketers increasingly are expected to keep up.

Relevant and clever use of social media can create a huge moment for a brand (think Oreos’ “dunk in the dark” tweet of last year’s Super Bowl), yet the speed and reach of social media accounts makes for a slim margin of error with regards to brand management. (We can’t forget the US Airways Twitter disaster, although we might like to.)

The following chart shows the growth of various social media tools and sites over the course of one year (2012-2013):


As you can see, all sites listed except for Foursquare reported increases in growth, some by a very wide margin. Facebook and Youtube predictably show the widest margins in growth of the already-established sites.  Other sites sprang up on their own during the year span, such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+, sites which in 2012 were barely heard of but which are now used by millions of people—and hundreds of brands.

When it comes to social media, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve.  Penry Price, the Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing Solutions at LinkedIn will be delivering the opening keynote at Integrated Marketing Week next month, talking about how LinkedIn uses data to increase engagement with their 277-million-user base.  Read more about the keynote, and others, here, and don’t forget to register if you haven’t already!


Our Saturday Stats come to you every week from the DMA 2014 Statistical Fact Book.  We’ll be sending up Saturday Stats every weekend until October 25, the beginning of the DMA2014 Annual Conference.  We hope to see you there!  To take a deeper dive into the Statistical Fact Book, click here for more information.

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