Saturday Stats: Email Marketing Integration

“Email finally pushed away from the desk and left the office at the end of 2013, becoming a mostly mobile channels as smartphones and tablets accounted for more than 50% of all opens. In fact, nearly two-thirds of commercial messages were opened on mobile devices during the December holidays. Increasingly, email marketers can connect with consumers anywhere; and where they are, and what device they’re on matters because it changes their expectations and behaviors.”

Matt Blumberg, Co-founder and CEO, Return Path, Inc., from the 2014 Statistical Fact Book, “Chapter 7: Email”

As digital channels become more and more integrated and interrelated, savvy marketers can no longer be myopic when it comes to determining digital strategies. Nowhere is this shift better illustrated than in email marketing: in the past, consumers opened emails at certain times, in certain places. Now, as Matt Blumberg indicates in his opening essay for Chapter 7 of the 2014 Statistical Fact Book, consumers can open and engage with email anywhere, at any time, thanks to the mobile takeover of email.

Email marketing is now often integrated with other channels: a website strategy (to drive traffic to a website), a social media strategy (followers receive notifications about new content on social media feeds), or even a direct mail strategy (subscribers to an email newsletter might also receive paper coupons in the mail for local brick-and-mortar stores).

Check out the chart below to see open rates for the top channels integrated with email marketing: SATURDAY STATS - PART 11 - Chart

What channels are you integrating your email marketing strategy with? Has your email marketing strategy “gone mobile?” Tell us about it in the comments!


Our Saturday Stats come to you every week from the DMA 2014 Statistical Fact Book.  We’ll be sending up Saturday Stats every weekend until October 25, the beginning of the DMA2014 Annual Conference.  We hope to see you there!  To take a deeper dive into the Statistical Fact Book, click here for more information.

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