“The power of big data is not to be feared, but rather harnessed, to reach customers in a way that’s relevant, not creepy. … Tools such as marketing automation now make it possible to take personalized content and distribute at just the right time on just the right channel in a way that maximizes resources and return on investment; but it should never be considered autopilot for a marketing campaign.”

Jon Miller, Co-founder, Marketo, from the 2014 Statistical Fact Book, “Chapter 5: Internet”

In the age of Twitter, 24 hours can be a long time in the life of a digital marketing campaign.  How often do you receive data and updates about the impact and influence of your digital ad campaign?  Do you see your metrics in real time, or are you spending a long time waiting for your next batch of data?  You may not be alone.  Check out the chart below to see how often most marketers receive data:SATURDAY STATS - PART 20 - ChartNearly half of all marketers are waiting more than 24 hours at a time to get new data about the impact of their campaigns.  That can be a long time on the Internet—long enough for a video to start going viral on Youtube, or for a misfired Tweet to be seen by hundreds of thousands of followers.  Meanwhile, only an eighth of marketers are receiving data in real time, and a little over 5% of marketers are receiving data in increments of 3 hours or less.

Make sure that your data is as fresh as it can be! The fresher your data, the better your analytics and responses to the life of your campaign, and the healthier your campaign will be!  How often do you receive data about the impact of your digital ad campaign? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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