From First Lady Michelle Obama to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, powerful women are in the news and shaping the national conversation about serious issues in government and business. It’s no different in the data-driven marketing industry, where women are “leaning in” at executive meetings, creative round tables, and sales calls across the country.

That’s why we were delighted to see DMA member companies represented at the Direct Marketing News 2014 Marketing Hall of Femme, which was held Friday, March 21.  Our very own President and CEO Linda Woolley spoke briefly about the benefits of today’s data-driven marketing economy before introducing Linda Kaplan Thayer, the keynote speaker for the afternoon.

“I’m so pleased to be here, as we celebrate the outstanding achievements of some of the most successful women in marketing,” Linda said in her introductory remarks. “It’s great to be among so many fabulous, powerful women!  And I want to talk to you about another powerful force, a force that we are all a part of. That’s the power of data-driven marketing . . .Because data fuels our economy, drives innovation – and empowers us to achieve and celebrate great marketing success.”

The event celebrated the accomplishments of women in high level positions in the marketing industry.  The eighteen honorees represent companies across a variety of industries: from home protection to travel, from the NHL to the American Red Cross.  After an opening networking hour, during which attendees relaxed with champagne cocktails and made new connections, Linda Kaplan Thayer, Chairman of Publicis Kaplan Thayer, delivered her keynote presentation. Then, after the keynote, the awards were given out to the honorees in attendance.

DMA would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the four DMA members who were honored at this event:

  • Dorothy Dowlin, SVP, Marketing and Sales, Best Western International
  • Peggy Dyer, CMO, American Red Cross
  • Nagisa Manabe,Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, USPS;
  • Tricia Melton,SVP of Entertainment Marketing,TBS, TNT and Turner Classic Movies, Turner Broadcasting.

Direct Marketing News’ feature on the event included advice from each attending honoree in her own words; here, we’d like to share the words of the three out of four DMA members who attended the event:

Dorothy Dowling:

“I believe in two things: I’ve always believed in having deep relationships. Marketers should learn to link to the strength of others. And second, I’ve always believed in hard work. Hard work will get you the farthest.”

Nagisa Manabe:

“Our innovation is very much customer-led. We co-create innovations based on customer needs. When the customer wanted Sunday delivery, we listened. That, and all of our advances, are based on their needs. We are committed to the American public.”

Tricia Melton:

“Social marketing is just good marketing. We built [social] 360 degrees into our marketing plans. Build a multimedia experience with social.”

What great advice!  And what fantastic thought leadership!  We’re certainly looking forward to seeing even more accomplished women honored in 2015.  If you would like to read more about last year’s honorees and the inaugural celebration of this event, Direct Marketing News offers a free download of the 2013 Marketing Hall of Femme e-book.  And if you can’t wait to nominate a CMO you know for 2015, you can find out more details here.

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