There was an abundance of good advice – as well as enormous energy and lots of amazing networking! — at the Hall of Femme awards produced by Direct Marketing News on Friday morning, March 22, 2013.

Seven of the 15 awardees – women recognized for their success, leadership and grit in marketing — offered one sound byte each of  “success advice.”  While reading the tips is not the same as being there — where you get to meet these very impressive and yet very approachable women, feel the energy from the stage and the buzz in the room, and get the stories first hand… I hope you glean a bit of the inspiration that I received.

Watch for editor Ginger Conlon’s upcoming article with more advice and insights from all the honorees in the May issue of Direct Marketing News.  

Business Success Advice:

Lisa Arthur, CMO, Teradata Applications:

  • “Kill it with fire!   Make change real every day and settle for nothing less than being an effective change agent for the good of your organization.”

Rebecca Baker, CMO, Alvarez & Marsal

  • “Believe you can do it. Then do it. Reinvent it. And repeat.   To get things done, listen a lot.”

Emma Carrasco, CMO, National Public Radio

  • “Be a champion for your ideas and business objectives.  Realize that everyone wants to be connected. People want to understand each other. Marketers can bring people and ideas and business together.”

Lauren Carmpsie, Worldwide CMO, Ogilvy & Mather

  • “I have a deep love and affection for the Ogilvy brand.  It’s important to have passion!  Before I became CMO, I didn’t ask for the title or for a raise,  I just did the f-ing job.”

Vicky Free, CMO, BET Networks

  • “Fail fast and recover – especially when youth is on your side. Make yourself known quickly! However, do not ever let passion trump due diligence.”

Leontyne Green Sykes, CMO, IKEA US

  • “Consumers are so much smarter about what they need than marketers. What they deserve — and it is our responsibility to present them with — is the most honest proposition about how we will engage them and treat them as customers.”

Mariann McDonagh, CMO, inContact

  • “Story telling is a lost art.  In order to break through and make connections, we must keep storytelling alive.”

Trish Wheaton, CMO, Wunderman

  • “Marketing success takes great ideas and brilliant creative coupled with a  mastery of data.  One of my passions where I can apply this mantra is in sustainability, which should be more central to all marketing.  People want to shop in line with their conscience.”
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