Were you BORN for innovation?

No,” says Amy Radin, founder and co-author of The Huffington Post’s The Daily Innovator column.  “But, you can BUILD it.”  

“An innovative kind of temperament can be acquired,” Amy writes. “First find an innovator you admire — not just celebrity innovators, but the colleagues all around you. Deliberately build relationships with them. Test your temperament against theirs. Which of their strengths are worth emulating? Cherry-pick their useful qualities.”  This kind of deep understanding is no longer a “nice to have,” but a must, for marketers who want to reach today’s consumers in a meaningful way.  Because today, consumers make data-driven connections all day, every day, and in every aspect of their lives.  

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DMA has cherry-picked a powerful group of innovation experts to show marketers how data-driven advances in today’s marketplace can help them drive business success.  At Turning the Tables:  The Age of Data-Driven Consumerism, Radin, along with thought leaders from Google, Razorfish, and RCI/Wyndham Exchange, will provide actionable insights on how to step up and shake hands with data-driven innovation – how to grasp it, leverage it, and make it work for you. 

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More on Amy Radin 

Amy Radin is a digital marketing, customer experience, and innovation executive who realizes opportunities to drive growth and financial impact by integrating brand, big data analytics, insights, omnichannel experience, and digital technology including social and mobile. She delivers innovative ways to build businesses and solve problems that traditional approaches cannot achieve. 

More on the “Turning the Tables” Webinar 

As a proud partner in the 3rd annual Data Innovation Day, DMA’s Data-Driven Marketing Institute will host Turning the Tables:  The Age of Data-Driven Consumerism, a free virtual event celebrating data-driven marketing innovation.  On Thursday, January 22, five dynamic data-driven experts will bring fresh insight on the latest data-driven innovations and what they will mean for your organization.  Each business day from now until the day of the conference, we’ll shine a spotlight on one insightful speaker.  

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