Neil O’Keefe is DMA’s SVP of Marketing & Content

According to an article by McKinsey & Co, executives looking to build a data-driven strategy should focus on 3 targeted efforts to (1) source data, (2) build predictive models, and (3) transform organizational culture.

In addition, a recent PWC CEO study highlights the need to align man and machine. “77% of CEOs are concerned that a shortage of key skills could impair their company’s growth.” The modern CEO knows that data-driven insights will be derived from a balanced use of human and technological power.

Studies such as these coupled with fast paced online dialogue define the Twitter chats hosted by the Data & Marketing Association. The upcoming #dmaDATAchat on September 13th at 3PM eastern will bring together Marsha Collier, Brian Moran and Mark Donatelli to discuss the make-up and challenges facing today’s data-driven CEO.

A Twitter chat is easy to participate in. Simply search the hashtag #dmaDATAchat and weigh in with your thoughts. But, be sure to mark your calendar for the fast & furious hour at 3PM ET on 9.13.17 where DMA will pose 8 questions to be addressed by our thought leaders & YOU!

Have a look at some highlights from last month’s #dmaDATAchat where we saw DMA’s CEO get into some online dialogue with Brian Moran.

These insights are not just for big corporations. Louis Gudema, weighed in on how start-ups will be driving huge innovations using artificial intelligence.

It’s never all about the education. It always involves some top shelf networking. Oh the people you’ll meet…Chief Strategy Officer Barbara Hanna was wowed when the team at Zappos weighed in big at #dmaDATAchat.

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