chessLately, I’ve been encouraging marketers to step up and assume the leadership mantle for data stewardship at their companies. Another role is calling out for your leadership, too: Master of data-driven insights.

Your position atop the data pyramid gives you an unprecedented view across many departments in your company. IT has one piece of the data pie; so do Legal, E-commerce and other departments. But nobody else under the same roof with you has your 360-degree perspective.

So, use your data powers for good. The insights you have gleaned from scrutinizing customer and prospect data across disciplines (social media, email, prospect and customer website habits, etc.) could help your colleagues in other departments solve problems, cut costs, make more money or streamline operations.

Here’s just one example: You know better than anyone how to drive actions. So, how about a campaign to help customers use your website instead of your call center to answer basic questions like store locations or return policies. Triggered messages can remind customers to pay bills on time or resubscribe to a service.

Crossing departmental lines is a tricky business, requiring diplomacy as well as data perspicacity. Solid management backing is another must. But, think of the gains that can accrue to everyone because of your quiet suggestion that you might be able to help solve a thorny program. It’s a classic win-win.

Someone in your company could use your help today. Will you make the first move?

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