A new slate of Board of Directors and Executive Committee leaders took office in October 2013.   This is the third in a series of interviews with the new leadership, following one with new Board Chairman JoAnne Monfradi Dunn.  Rick Erwin is President of Experian Marketing Services and serves as Treasurer of the DMA Board of Directors.


Linda Woolley:  Rick, your leadership has been so invaluable to us for many years, and we appreciate the perspective of a leading marketing data and services company like Experian as part of the Executive Committee.  Could you share why you serve on the DMA Board?

Erwin Head Shot High Resolution (2)RICK:  I have served on the board of the DMA since 2008, and I consider it both a privilege and also an important responsibility. We are part of one of the most rapidly growing, evolving, exciting yet scrutinized industries in America. There is no more important role for any trade association than to advance the interests of member companies in industries like ours. To help guide and shape the DMA during this period is extremely rewarding.

LINDA: What are the most important things that you want to see DMA accomplish this coming year?

RICK:  I am excited to see the new DMA mission of “Advancing and protecting responsible data-driven marketing” touch many new members who may not have considered being part of our association only a few years ago.  In this day and age, it’s not just industry that matters, but function.  Every modern marketer must be what I call a “multi-sport athlete” and able to function in both a creative as well as an analtyics capacity.

LINDA:  Beyond (and including) your Board service, how do you view your DMA membership as a strategic asset for Experian?

RICK:  Experian has always viewed membership in the DMA as a crucial way to accomplish four important things: 1) Shape the industry through active participation on the Board and in committees; 2) Protect our interests in Washington through the Voice provided by DMA, as well as through a collaboration between our substantial government affairs group and DMA staff; 3) Education of our Experian team members on industry trends, practices and concepts; and 4) networking and business generation via important DMA trade events like the Annual conference.

LINDA:  With the membership profile of DMA evolving, what opportunities does that open for members like you?

RICK:  The changing face of DMA membership has been an opportunity for Experian to extend its brand to suppliers, partners, distributors and clients that we may not have otherwise done business with. It has also been an excellent way to extend our network as it relates to government affairs.

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