A new slate of Board of Directors and Executive Committee leaders took office in October 2013.   This is the fourth (and final) in a series of interviews with the new leadership, following one with new Board Chairman JoAnne Monfradi Dunn.  Dawn Zier is President & CEO of Nutrisystem, Inc. and serves as Secretary of the DMA Board of Directors.

Linda Woolley:  Dawn, we are so lucky to have you, but you have a pretty big job running Nutrisystem. Why do you serve on the DMA Board?

Zier (3)DAWN:  I have served on the Board for the last 5 years.  At first I joined because I thought my company at the time (Reader’s Digest) should have a seat at the table.  Over time, my reason for serving has changed.  I found giving back to the community to be rewarding and enjoyed getting involved as Board Liaison for Marketing EDGE (formerly the Direct Marketing Education Foundation) given my interest in helping bright, young marketing professionals begin their career.  I also found the network that I developed with fellow Board members and their willingness to make further connections to be extremely valuable.

LINDA: What are the most important things that you want to see DMA accomplish this coming year?

DAWN:  I would like to see membership increase and I believe with the value proposition that the DMA is putting forward, that we should be able to accomplish that.   The number of companies doing direct marketing (or whatever the cool buzz words they use that essentially mean the same thing) is astounding – and the DMA is the premiere organization to belong to for those looking to excel in the field.

LINDA:  Beyond (and including) your Board service, how do you view your DMA membership as a strategic asset for your company?

DAWN:  As CEO of a small public company, I find that the DMA keeps me on the leading edge of things that are happening from both a marketing perspective as well as from a regulatory perspective.  I find the DMA’s mantra of being a thought leader in data-driven marketing to be very compelling.

LINDA:  With the membership profile of DMA evolving, what opportunities does that open for members like you?

DAWN:  With the expanded membership profile and the networking capabilities that come from being a member of the DMA, there is a vast network of people to tap into who are advancing the profession and willing to help.

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