Sure, at over 2.6 million net square feet of exhibit space, CES is definitely the world’s largest high-tech playground. Yet, is it still as important as it once was?

I’ve heard rumblings for years now about how its sheer size has made the conference too challenging to negotiate. And – whoa! – some people have even hinted that it’s an “ineffectual place to introduce new products”. After all, in 2007 – you may recall, Apple’s iPhone wasn’t launched at CES. And, neither was the Samsung Galaxy S8, Amazon’s Echo Dot, Nintendo Switch and many other recent high-tech must-haves.

No doubt – CES is still unmatched in the sheer volume of products introduced each year. In fact, last year there were 4,000 exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of new products on display. Yet, can anyone recall what the darling of the show was?

The LG OLED W7 razor thin 77 inch TV screen.

Well, if you’re into big TVs – get ready for more at CES this year. 88 Inches. 124 inches. Bendable. Curved. Quantum dots. Ultra HD Blu-ray. They are all on full display at CES this year. Along with more smart devices. Robots. And Voice Assistants.

But you knew that already. The fanfare of endless tech gadgets that promise to improve our lives is nothing new to CES. The trouble is, many smart shiny objects can fade and fizzle along their journey from CES to consumer acceptance.

From Big Screen to Big Screaming Success

If you are looking for shiny solutions to your marketing challenges that actually live up to their promise, then you may want to follow-up your trip to CES with another visit to Vegas. This time, consider attending &THEN, the DMA Annual Event. While not as large as CES, &THEN is noted for attracting a large and diverse audience of brand marketers, agencies, consultants and solution providers. In the past &THEN has served as a hotbed for seed startups in the Adtech and Martech world, as well as a platform for more established brands to share new solutions. The best part is that &THEN takes place in October each year – so, there’s plenty of time to recover from your CES binge.

So. By all means – go to CES. Get your tech on. Then come to &THEN and crush it with tech-powered marketing solutions that really work to engage consumers more effectively.