I recently sat down with the DMA Education team to get the scoop on the program opportunities behind the  just-relaunched Education and Professional Development website.  Gina Scala, DMA’s VP, Education and Professional Development, explained that the new and improved site reflects new investment by DMA in helping data-driven marketers become certified in the professional areas that matter to modern marketing.  Plus, the new site features an interface that is, “Sleek, professional, sophisticated, and above all, user-friendly,” she says. 

For example, the updated search field lets users search by course topic and type, site location, instructor — or just by keywords.  Gina notes,  “No longer will searching for courses feel like scrabbling around blindly in a huge and unorganized handbag for an elusive set of keys.”

In addition to updating the search functionality, the new design gives access to the E-Learning Portal directly from the education site.  The portal provides a login page where users can access the courses they have already registered for.  The homepage also features multiple ways of connecting with DMA through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, so users can continue the conversation outside the classroom.

Of course, a new site would be nothing but window dressing without content — and it so happens that the updated site comes packaged with the release of the Fall 2013 course catalog.  DMA Education has added several brand-spanking-new courses, including “Data Visualization” and “Marketing Automation,” as well as a new series of bite-sized learning experiences presented at webinars and self-paced online modules.  Courses that have received updates include “Psychology of Marketing,” and “Integrated Marketing.”

In a “class” by itself is “Data Matters: Governance and Best Practices.” As Gina puts it, “This course supports both advancing and protecting data-driven marketing. Helping marketers better navigate the changing data landscape is the purpose of our ‘Data Matters’ course.”  Once a three-day course, “Data Matters” has been condensed into two days to accommodate busy executives.  Updates to the curriculum also keep this course right at the cutting edge.

With so many offerings to choose from, and a newly streamlined site, marketers can be certain that they are constantly renewing their knowledge to keep up in the fast-paced world of data-driven marketing.  In fact, after my talk with the Education team, I feel inspired to jump into the learning pool myself.  My only problem now is… which course to choose….

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