As you may know, we like celebrating great data-driven marketing at the DMA.  Here’s an amazing story about successful segmentation with a product that at first glance seems geared towards a narrow demographic.

Like most other weight-control products, Nutrisystem is associated in the popular consciousness with women.  For a long time, Nutrisystem’s marketing corresponded to its target demographic, featuring female celebrities as spokespersons and emphasizing weight loss for women.  But how to get a boost in a market saturated with diet products?

Dawn Zier, President and Chief Executive Officer, Nutrisystem, and Secretary, DMA Board of Directors,  in a recent interview with Bloomberg News, described how Nutrisystem broke out of the traditional demographic, and started marketing to men— with great success.  With separate eating plans made for men to target different nutritional needs, Nutrisystem brought in some male celebrities to tout the effectiveness of their “hunger-crushing” meal plans.  Check out her interview here to find out more about Nutrisystem’s technique.

The result?  An upsweep for the company and an effective launch into a new section of the market!  And it began with thinking outside the segmentation box.  How can your product benefit from an exploration of new demographics?  Have any stories to tell?  Share with us in the comments.

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