In a recently published article, Ginger Conlon, editor in chief of Direct Marketing News,  asked several industry insiders, “What’s one common misconception about direct mail marketing, and what’s the reality?”  In the article, they share their views on direct marketing myths and truths.  Ginger interviewed the following experts:

Stephanie Miller’s answers are excerpted below:

Myth: Direct mail is unnecessary, outmoded, and old-fashioned.  Reality: Wrong on all three counts.

1. Direct mail works. People read postal mail and catalogs at rates higher than email. Social media and digital technology may be in the spotlight, but DMA research shows that ROI from direct mail outpaces the success of its digital and social cousins.

2. Direct mail is relevant. Direct mail is the mother of all data-driven marketing. All the great things we do in digital to segment, target, customize, time, and measure our media, messaging, and more, we learned from our direct mail experience.

3. Direct mail is “today.” With modern data management and automation tools, we can now integrate Web (pURLS), mobile (QR codes, app alerts), and email to earn an integrated marketing ROI boost in all channels.

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How would YOU answer Ginger’s question: “What’s one common misconception about direct mail marketing, and what’s the reality?” Let us know in the comments box below.




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