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Alan Schulman, Managing Director, Brand Creative & Content, Deloitte Digital

There’s Data aplenty – but where’s the Creative that takes advantage of data? Can rules-driven ad messages really move anybody to emotion or to action?

While media agencies now drive the bulk of dynamic ad creative, other players are using data to fuel more emotional creative experiences and consumer connections.

In this keynote address, join creative and content veteran Alan Schulman as he explores and demonstrates how savvy brands are improvising in realtime and leveraging the power of “nowness” to create emotionally resonant data-driven creative.

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Ronalee Zarate-Bayani, Head of Global Integrated Marketing & Digital Advancement, The Hershey Company

Ask an American on the street what comes to mind when you say “The Hershey Company,” and the likely answer is “delicious chocolate.” What most Americans don’t see is the marketing engine behind this snacking powerhouse—a company that is transforming itself and making sure it never stops winning the hearts and minds of consumers in an always-evolving competitive landscape. At Hershey’s, Ronalee Zarate-Bayani is charged with advancing the company’s digital marketing capabilities and views data as a key competitive advantage to driving marketing excellence.

In this keynote address, Zarate-Bayani will challenge us to see how data can extend beyond consumer insights into enabling innovative new products, power truly integrated marketing, and enable compelling strategies that focus on consumers, the people who eat the candy, at the core.

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Naveen Rajdev, Chief Marketing Officer, Wipro

Plenty of marketers talk about customer-centricity and mastering innovation, but that’s not where brand transformation really starts. Over the past year, Wipro — one of the world’s largest digital and technology companies — has gone through a total brand relaunch. Now, Wipro is extending that work into a transformation of the company’s culture. The results are already paying off with energized workforce, client wins, higher analyst reviews and a growing profile within the industry.

How can you achieve similar results for your brand? In today’s engaging sponsored keynote session, Wipro’s Chief Marketing Officer Naveen Rajdev will take you on a tour of Wipro’s brand transformation process from the ground up. He’ll share hard-earned lessons, best practices and unexpected speed bumps about what it takes to transform your brand—whether you’re already a dominant player in your industry or a disruptive newcomer tackling the status quo.

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