In this world of social media and more specifically, social marketing, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of being on EVERY SINGLE platform! As marketers we are thrust into playing the game of catching up and keeping up with the Joneses. Take a page from Coca-Cola. They place their focus on several but not all platforms. Yes, they have a presence on all of the top offerings – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, but it’s clear they hone in on a few key ones, and let the others simmer with a low flame on the back-burner.

E-consultancy’s David Moth takes a deeper dive in the Coca-Cola’s social marketing machine:  How Coca-Cola uses Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+

Key things to note:

  • Coca-Cola lets weeks, sometimes even months, go by before a post on Facebook, depending on the sub-brand.
  • Twitter is used for social listening: to have a dialogue, whether good OR bad, with consumers.
  • A separate Twitter account:@docpemberton (which I am now following!), is a personality account, one “voiced” by the inventor of Coca-Cola. It subtly highlights the brand’s history, as well as a willingness to have fun with it’s brand.
  • Coca-Cola Tweet


  • Pinterest has only one “marketing” board, and the rest is user-generated content, creating a visual community of Coca-Cola enthusiasts.
  • Pinterest is also used for sporadic contests.

While Coca-Cola can enjoy a different liberation from the pressures of social marketing, perhaps because they are such a global brand, they are still on all platforms. I think it shows the importance of staking a brand’s claim in the social space. The idea of not having to devote 24-7 to all the spaces, however, is an interesting concept and one that we can all learn from.

So, they next time you boss says, we need to be on the new thing “XYZ”, maybe you can set it and forget it, at least for a little time!

(Image from Coca-Cola’s Twitter picture gallery)

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