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As America woke up to a stunning upset victory by Republican Party nominee Donald J. Trump, thousands of news stories across the world attempted to unpack the results and identify the drivers beyond Mr. Trump’s victory. There is no doubt that this campaign was another of firsts in the ways candidates communicated and connected with the public. Of particular note was the role of mobile and specifically, candidate Trump’s use of Twitter as a primary platform.

The innovative use of mobile also is taking center stage at the Data & Marketing Association’s (DMA) Mobile Marketing Day (MMD). Held in partnership with MediaMath and the New Media Institute and sponsored by Vistar Media, Mobile Marketing Day is a deep drive into the changing uses of mobile, insights from marketers and their solution providers. DMA SVP of CRM & Member Engagement Neil O’Keefe, who opened the day with a data-driven review of mobile’s current state, profiled several trends which he said signal the constancy of mobile in consumers’ lives and the requirement for a mobile-first mindset for marketers:

  • 40% of transactions involve multiple devices
  • 80% of millennials use their phones in store

Opening speaker Francie Staub, Director of Digital Marketing for TD Ameritrade, summed it up: “Mobile is how we navigate daily life and it is our most constant companion. As a result marketers need to completely rethink how we approach mobile – it is no longer a static medium through which we have push ads.”

She walked through a series of industry disruptions at the hand of mobile and mobile innovators, including:

  • The taxicab industry – Uber
  • The eyeglass industry – Warby Parker
  • Immediate delivery of alcohol beverages – Drizly

“Literally every minute of the day, these mobile innovations are driving customer expectations for what’s immediate and accessible to them at every touchpoint,” Staub observed.

For TD Ameritrade, mobile has emerged as a driver of deeper customer connections and with specific focus on connecting with customers and consumers through their daily lives and even more so putting the consumer in the center of the content. “Early on our learnings with mobile were evolutionary because we thought of mobile as direct response avenue,” she shared with Mobile Marketing Day attendees. “But when we began to see that mobile encompassed so much more opportunity within a marketing funnel, our learning and our approaches became revolutionary.”

With campaign taglines like “What You’re Cheering For”, the financial services innovator used mobile to bring favorite athlete stories to life leading up to and during the 2016 Olympics in a campaign that partnered Olympians with Olympic hopefuls.

“We are laser-focused on content that isn’t simply relevant to our customers, it’s what they are passionate about,” she said.

Another mobile campaign focused on the theme of investment returns, but in a story-telling way using children and seniors. The campaign, titled “Age of Wisdom” had its roots in the views of children and older adults. Why? Because when you’re a little child, you know what’s important – your family, your friends and enjoying life. At the end of life, your priorities again crystalize. In between the bookends, we get serious, distracted and often miss what’s “important.” (Click here to view some of the wonderful videos from this campaign.)

TD Ameritrade has also launched multiple campaigns entirely through social and mobile. Staub noted that these campaigns have not only met, but exceeded all key performance indicators, affirming to them that mobile has unlimited power when viewed with a new set of eyes for its power to connect with people about what’s most important to them.

Want to follow TD Ameritrade’s lead on mobile? Or forge your own path? Check out DMA’s courses on Mobile Marketing, including “Exploring the Potential of Mobile Apps” with new DMA partner Edgacent.

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