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XFINITY On Campus Direct Mail

Agency: Agency M    •    Client: Comcast    •    Category: Best use of Direct Mail    •    Award: Certificate

XFINITY On Campus is a revolutionary streaming solution that lets students watch entertainment on any device, anywhere on campus. But most colleges are using dated dorm-room set-top boxes. And most college IT administrators are too busy to know that there's a better alternative available. We wanted to help them graduate to the next level of entertainment. Our goal: Increase our sales 50% by launching XFINITY On Campus at 30 additional colleges.

Campaign Objective

Our sales team needed to reach busy IT administrators who manage large budgets and teams, to show them that XFINITY On Campus is an incredible amenity for students – and a convenient solution for them. Our strategy: Cut through the clutter and put the XFINITY On Campus experience right in their hands.

Target Audience
We sent a premium, personalized piece that plays a high-definition video upon opening. The inside of the booklet displays the point-of-view of a student streaming entertainment – allowing IT administrators to experience the service through the eyes of their students. Each piece is personalized with the the college’s name on the cover and the administrator’s name on the interior letter – so our audience knows this was made just for them.

The Execution

Since our target audience is a limited and finite number of individuals, we were able to lavish the attention on them we felt they deserved. Each piece cost less than $125 – a small number given the size of each contract. In order to reach busy IT administrators who manage large budgets, our sales team had show them that XFINITY On Campus is not only an incredible amenity for students – but also a convenient solution for them. First we had to cut through the clutter. We sent our mailer via overnight shipping, and included personalized touches, so the administrators knew this piece was created just for them. Secondly, we knew that putting the XFINITY On Campus experience right in their hands would be the strategic key to our success. The artwork on the mailer put administrators in the point-of-view of their students, so they could immediately grasp the true benefit of streaming entertainment anywhere on campus, using their own devices. This is a world of difference from their current hardwired, dorm-room only entertainment. In summary, context was crucial to our success, the context of product experience, as well as the context of the kind of marketing solicitation administrators routinely receive, and being able to set ourselves apart from that.

The Stats

Reflecting XFINITY’s place as the nation’s top entertainment and connectivity provider, this kit offers a highend feel, personalized to each IT administrator to make them feel special. Presented as a high-end portfolio, this dimensional direct mailer is customized with a supple, soft-touch paper and a cover personalized with the university’s name. Once it’s opened, video-in-print technology is revealed, playing after a few seconds. The seven-inch screen is presented contextually as the screen of a student’s mobile phone set against the backdrop of the campus green, showing the “entertainment anywhere” freedom that the XFINITY On Campus service offers students.

  1. Premium portfolio printed with soft-touch texture and foil stamp, variably printed by name of each prospect
  2. 17.78cm (7 inch) Video-In-Print screen preloaded with 256MB presentation
  3. Inserted letter with a black satin ribbon pull-tab and sealed with an XFINITY branded sticker
  4. Uline box for shipping

The Results

College IT administrators are notoriously busy. As keepers of large budgets, they are constantly inundated with materials, all vying for their attention. In order to cut through the clutter, XFINITY On Campus needed to create a meaningful connection – and create a direct mailer that didn’t feel like anything else in their mailbox. By personalizing the piece, and surprising them with unique creative that utilized video-in-print technology – we were able to not only get IT administrators’ eyes on our mailer, but also convince them to go a step further and reach out to their XFINITY On Campus sales rep. “I have struggled to get any movement or responses from Huntington University for over a year. They got the mailer and called me to step a demo. They commented on the piece multiple times and it was the reason they called me.” – John, XFINITY On Campus Sales Rep


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