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Dallas Regional Roundtable



Join us for a ½ day of learning and networking in Dallas, Texas! This complimentary event will feature a Keynote presentation, a case study presentation, roundtable discussions focused on the challenges and opportunities facing marketers today, and 2+ hours of face-to-face networking time.

Complimentary hors d’oeuvres and beverages will be provided by our sponsor.

This event is a Free Member Benefit.

Not a DMA member but interested in joining us? Contact Laura Gigliotti for your complimentary pass.

1:30-1:45 PM — Welcome and Introductions
1:45-2:30 PM — How IBM Watson is Driving Transformational Change for Marketers Everywhere

Speaker: Swami Chandrasekaran, Chief Technologist, Watson Solutions Lab

Join Swami Chandrasekaran, Executive Architect & Chief Technologist from IBM Watson, Cognitive Solutions, as he discusses how cognitive computing and augmented intelligence using IBM Watson can transform digital marketing. In addition to live demonstrations, Swami will address the following questions.

How does IDM Watson:

  • Ingest, hypothesize, reason, enrich and draw knowledge from vast amounts of unstructured data?
  • Unlock insights buried deep within this unstructured / dark data, offering marketers a closer look at the consumer mind-set?
  • Use linguistic analytics to infer contextually relevant, personalized observations, predictions, and social behaviors?
  • Detect early signals; understand brand perception; and hyper-local marketing?
  • Get consumers to engage with brands on various channels and then use those interactions to mine for insights?
  • Enable marketers to make better decisions by identifying opportunities to create personalized experiences for the customer?

2:30-3:30 PM — The Data-Centric Organization — Discussion of the New DMA / IAB Whitepaper

Roundtable Discussion Facilitated by Jonathan Margulies, Managing Director, Winterberry Group

  • What does it mean to be “data-centric”? What do most enterprises want to accomplish with data that they’re not doing now?
  • People: What is the role of talent/recruitment in sustaining a data-centric marketing approach? Training/development? Compensation?
  • Process: How well do org structures support our efforts to leverage data? What challenges do we need to correct for? Any success stories?
  • Platforms: What kinds of platforms have been/might be most instrumental in helping activate the potential of data? What challenges have we seen in selecting and deploying those tools?
  • Partners: How do we enlist agencies, data providers, tech developers and other supply chain partners in the effort to leverage data? How could those parties advance to deliver more value?

3:30-3:45 PM — Networking Break
3:45-4:30 PM — Data-Driven Prospecting: A Case Study in Life Insurance Customer Acquisition

Speaker: Mike Hail, CEO of Data Decisions Group

Join Mike Hail, CEO of Data Decisions Group, as he dives into a case study focused on customer acquisition for a life insurance company seeking to reduce their cost per lead.

These leads – which were critical to the company’s growth – were impacted by stricter compliance regulations. These regulations were dictating a change in the selection of target audience.

In this presentation, we’ll discuss:

  • data hygiene audit outcome
  • usage and results of national purchase propensity models for life insurance
  • the use of consumer data, custom predictive models, and clusters (Hispanic and non-Hispanic) to generate greater lift

Finally, we’ll preview the next test in this multi-year effort, which includes how to use consumer data and models to create custom audiences and lookalike audiences for targeted social media campaigns.

4:30- 6:00 PM — Networking Happy Hour

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Swami Chandrasekaran

Chief Technologist
Watson Solutions Lab

Swami Chandrasekaran is Chief Technologist & Executive Architect for IBM Watson, Watson Solution Labs. Responsible for technology strategy and architecture for various cognitive apps & solutions based on Watson Platform and other IBM analytics components, he has over 18+ years of progressive + demonstrated experience in the areas of IT Strategy, Cognitive Computing, Analytics, Applied Machine Learning, NLP/Text Analytics, Cloud Computing, IoT, SOA, BPM, Enterprise Integration and Web/Mobile technologies. Currently, Swami is driving the technology vision & strategy for various cognitive apps including cognitive bots, cognitive exploration etc for several industries. His team is also responsible for incubating futuristic industry apps using cognitive, analytics & big data components.


Mike Hail

Data Decisions Group

Mike Hail is a serial entrepreneur/ intrapreneur. Currently, Mike is serving as CEO for Data Decisions Group, a company that offers a “system of insights” for making marketing decisions.

With various roles at companies such as Texas Instruments, Equifax Marketing Services, Knowledgebase Marketing, and Yankelovich he has had engagements with a multitude of companies: MacMillan, Harper Collins, United Healthcare, Humana, Citi, Bank of American, Sprint and AT&T, Lane Bryant, Nordstrom, United American and Old American Insurance Companies, Six Flags, World Championship Tennis.

His MBA was designed for the management of technical staff. He has managed engineers, programmers and statisticians- in support of sales and marketing for mail order, sales lead generation, data compilation, analytics, market research and CRM.

His expertise is mapping data into ideation to create marketing plans. His experience with turn- key campaigns includes not only creative writing but the creation of tech delivery platforms.

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What You'll Learn

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What attendees are saying:

  • “What I took away from our local DMA event was that no matter how different in size and scope one company is from the other, we all are aiming for the same thing: how to make our product better. Being able to brainstorm and relate to fellow marketers on an actual level is very important to what I do because it can be directly applied back to my job and help me with my day-to-day functions.”
    Jeff Eldersveld, Director of CRM and Analytics, Columbus Blue Jackets

    “The February Atlanta DMA event had a very enthusiastic audience. The topic of inspiring and engaging your customers continues to be one of the most important discussions for marketing leaders and strategies continue to evolve.”
    Matt Corey, Chief Marketing Officer, PGA Tour Superstore

    “One of the best events I’ve attended recently. Everyone walked away with ideas, insights and new connections that can help them grow their businesses.”
    Jim Thompson, Co-Founder & President, Lift Engagement Strategies, LLC

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