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Denver Regional Roundtable



Join us for a ½ day of learning and networking in Denver, Colorado! This complimentary event will feature a Keynote presentation, a case study presentation, roundtable discussions focused on the challenges and opportunities facing marketers today, and 2+ hours of face-to-face networking time.

Complimentary hors d’oeuvres and beverages will be provided by our sponsor, rDialogue.
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This event is a Free Member Benefit.

Not a DMA member but interested in joining us? Contact Laura Gigliotti for your complimentary pass.

1:30-1:45 PM — Intro Remarks
1:45-2:30 PM — Comcast Keynote Presentation
2:30-3:15 PM — Roundtable Discussions
3:15- 4:00 PM — Creating a Data-Driven Customer Experience for your MVC’s – A Merial Case Study
4:00-4:45 PM — Triggering the Unconscious Mind for Unthinkable ROI
4:45-6:00 PM — Networking Reception



Robert Ward

Senior Manager Customer Development Marketing
Comcast Business

Aligning the Customer Journey to Marketing Campaigns

Join Robert Ward, Senior Manager of Customer Development Marketing at Comcast Business, as he discusses how the company establishes effective Customer Relationship Marketing campaigns. Discover what triggers led Comcast Business to look at their customer journey, and why putting the customer first is so important to the business. Rob will also discuss how they are aligning campaigns with the information they have on customers, and how to create a shared view of the customer.


Matt Garrett

EVP, Strategy & Implementation

Creating a Data-Driven Customer Experience for your MVC’s – A Merial Case Study

Marketers face many challenges today, but none greater than how to sustain customer engagement, deflect competitive pressure and deepen relationships with their MVC’s (Most Valuable Customers). With so many perspectives on how to solve for these marketing challenges, our client, Merial, evolved an approach that empowered them to meet all the objectives above, and also satisfy their salesforce's need for more tools and ammunition.

In our DMA community roundtable session, we’ll build upon our earlier Merial presentation in Atlanta to demonstrate how Merial is becoming customer-centric by using data as the foundation for customer engagement and journey through its loyalty strategy and associated communications tactics. Through the presentation, we’ll identify some best practices in customer journeys, connect them to Merial’s real life effort and outline how we used information to guide and evolve the approach.


Jeanette McMurtry


Triggering the Unconscious Mind for Unthinkable ROI

Chances are, you’re wasting 90% of your marketing resources! This is because most marketing campaigns target the conscious mind that only drives 10% of our thoughts while our unconscious mind drives the other 90%. Our conscious and unconscious minds are worlds apart when it comes to the values that inspire us, motivate us, and drive our behavior.

In today’s complex consumer-driven world, creating psychologically relevant messaging and customer experiences are mission critical for ROI and the long-term success of any brand. Marketers must understand human behavior and psychological principles in order to capture attention, sales, and lifetime value. This session will teach you how your consumers really think, how they really choose which offers to respond to, and to which brands to assign loyalty. And how you can build psychologically relevant journeys that secure lifetime value and profitability.

    You’ll learn:

  • How to appeal to the unconscious mind in order to build trust and secure sales
  • What social and emotional influencers are most likely to get a prospect to YES!
  • How to apply key findings from psychologists like Freud, Jung, Kahnemann and Ariely to get more from your marketing and customer experience programs.
  • How to engage consumers on relevant journeys that connect deep within our psyche and inspire evangelism for generations
  • Examples of how psychology based marketing can achieve “unthinkable results.”

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    What attendees are saying:

    “What I took away from our local DMA event was that no matter how different in size and scope one company is from the other, we all are aiming for the same thing: how to make our product better. Being able to brainstorm and relate to fellow marketers on an actual level is very important to what I do because it can be directly applied back to my job and help me with my day-to-day functions.”
    Jeff Eldersveld, Director of CRM and Analytics, Columbus Blue Jackets

    “The February Atlanta DMA event had a very enthusiastic audience. The topic of inspiring and engaging your customers continues to be one of the most important discussions for marketing leaders and strategies continue to evolve.”
    Matt Corey, Chief Marketing Officer, PGA Tour Superstore

    “One of the best events I’ve attended recently. Everyone walked away with ideas, insights and new connections that can help them grow their businesses.”
    Jim Thompson, Co-Founder & President, Lift Engagement Strategies, LLC

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