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Raise Your Identity & Attribution IQ – DMA Expert Panels at Advertising Week

Join the DMA Identity Council as they lead two expert panels on Identity & Attribution at New York Advertising Week.

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Across data-driven marketing and media, customer identity is becoming the most critical capability to delivering seamless, personalized experiences that generate brand affinity and results. Without it, you cannot recognize your customers responsibly, immediately, and consistently. And identity is key to creating seamless cross-channel relationships based on trust. DMA’s Identity Council is a collection of the biggest brands in marketing and media coming together to solve the industry’s most pressing identity and attribution challenges.

The Identity Council will be hosting two workshops during Advertising Week on Monday and Tuesday September 25 & 26. As part of our partnership with Advertising Week, we will be offering our members 25% off tickets to the 4 day event. Simply use the code AWDMA25 at checkout for your discount.

Monday, September 25

Raise your Identity IQ: Taking the Mystery Out of Cross-Device Match Rates, Precision and Scale
When knowing your customer is key, there’s nothing more unsettling than not knowing whether the user you’re targeting is, in fact, the user you’re targeting. Offline-to-online match rates, cross-device identity precision, and scale are key metrics that marketers, agencies, and publishers depend on to create effective people-centric marketing and media experiences. Yet these key metrics are at best, produced by a mix of heavy computing power, reasonably good science, and a healthy dose of statistical artwork. Learn more here.

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Tuesday, September 26

Raise Your Attribution IQ: Demystifying the Multiple Attributes of Attribution
Advertisers waste millions on multichannel marketing execution that doesn’t work. As cross-device media consumption evolves, linking spend to performance gets even more complicated. While spending continues to rise, marketers and their agencies are challenged to activate insights that generate measurable results. More and more, the word of the day is “attribution."
Learn more here.

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