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Cross-Device Identity (XDID)

Elevating the marketplace for identity-based marketing, media and customer experiences

Making customer experiences seamless across their devices

Marketers, agencies and media suppliers tell us that to remain competitive, they must deliver a seamless, fully-connected cross-device marketing, media and customer experience.

However, more than 75% of members surveyed said their organizations and technology stacks are not set up to provide such an integrated customer experience across media channels and devices. Early experimentation has not yielded expected results, and almost all survey respondents indicated that they are in the market for high-quality cross-device ID (XDID) solutions, but do not have the confidence to make a choice.

That’s why ANA is focusing on cross-device and cross-channel identification first. Our goal is to elevate the market’s XDID “IQ”, to reduce implementation barriers through repeatable data management and exchange standards, and ultimately to make it easier for XDID buyers and sellers to do business with confidence. The first of ANA’s XDID resources is an RFI template that spells out in clear terms the questions marketers, agencies and publishers should be asking cross-device vendors, and the simple definitions that everyone in the identity-based marketing and media ecosystem needs to understand.

Check out ANA’s Cross-Device
Identity Solutions RFI Template


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