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Identity IQ

Narrowing the gap between the pace of technology and the reality of practice in identity and attribution

Marketers and agencies tell us they are wasting millions on multichannel marketing execution that doesn’t work. As cross-platform media consumption evolves, linking spend to performance becomes even more complicated. Marketers are trying more and gaining less, while being challenged to activate insights and generate measurable results. And solution providers are not realizing a return on their own innovations.

It’s time to turn identity into marketing ROI. Marketers have more powerful tools and technology at their fingertips than ever before, but a significant gap remains between capability and usability. While identity technology can deliver more and more promise, the industry has yet to evolve from channel specific metrics like clicks, views and conversions to customer-centric view across marketing and media touchpoints, and the outcomes this holistic experience drives.

That’s why ANA is offering Identity IQ: A one-stop education portal that makes it easier to turn customer-centric marketing and media into quantifiable ROI.

Six Videos. Ten Minutes. Total Clarity.

Short videos bringing Identity & Attribution concepts to life.
  • Identity
  • Attribution

What is Match Rate?

Matching is probably the most widespread concept in identity: learn how to leverage Matching to make the most out of every marketing campaign.

Probabilistic vs Deterministic

Statistics doesn’t have to be hard: learn about the differences between how identity vendors calculate their match rates.

Precision vs Reach

Precision and reach are crucial for your marketing campaign: learn how to properly define your needs and get the most from your identity solutions provider.


What is Attribution Video

What Is Attribution?

Connecting the dots: learn how to determine which channels are leading to conversions.

Understanding Attribution Video

Understanding Attribution

Digging deeper into attribution: learn the differences between rules-based and analytics-based attribution.

Multi-touch Attribution Video

Multi-touch Attribution

Multi-touch Attribution (MTA) can be very powerful: learn the pros and cons of MTA so you can make wise decisions.

Identity IQ On Tour

The Council for Data Integrity at Advertising Week 2017 September 25th – 26th in New York City

The Council for Data Integrity hosted two workshops at Advertising Week:

  • Identity
  • Attribution

Raise your Identity IQ: Taking the Mystery out of Cross-Device Match Rates, Precision & Scale

Jeff Smith

Chad Engelgau
VP of Global Identity Services

Ajit Thupil
GTM Business Lead – Oracle ID Graph


Raise your Attribution IQ: Demystifying the Multiple Attributes of Attribution

Jeff Smith

Robert Edelman
Analytics and Data

Gayatri Bhalla
VP of Advanced Media Services

Ash Dhupar
Chief Analytics Officer

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