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$20.2 billion spent in 2017 on 3rd party audience data and data activation solutions

As the race to win customers intensifies, identity has emerged as the key strategic asset of our day. Across data-driven marketing and media, customer identity is becoming the most critical capability to delivering seamless, personalized experiences that generate brand affinity and results. Without it, you cannot recognize your customers responsibly, immediately, and consistently. And identity is key to creating seamless cross-channel relationships based on trust.

The Data & Marketing Association's Identity Council is solving the industry's most pressing challenges

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The Data & Marketing Association is uniquely positioned as the only trade association that represents the entire data driven marketing and media ecosystem. DMA's convening power pulls the industry together to ensure that innovative and disruptive marketing technologies are quickly applied for ROI.

Identity Council Solutions

Cross-Device ID 

RFI template that spells out in clear terms the questions marketers, agencies and publishers should be asking cross-device vendors, and the simple definitions that everyone in the identity-based marketing and media ecosystem needs to understand.

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Identity IQ 

A one-stop education portal that makes it easier to turn customer-centric marketing and media into quantifiable ROI.

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Identity Metrics Assessment Toolkit 

Standardized testing methodologies for the most common identity data metrics, so that both buyer and seller can more easily validate estimates, and all parties can reduce the gap between expectations and reality.

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Data Quality Labeling Standards 

Our goal is to define labeling standards for identity data similar to FDA food labeling requirements - so every marketer, agency, data provider and publisher understands the source ingredients and marketing value of their identity data

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